Parallel Bar

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Code PB9001 PB9002
Size 24" 21" mm


Parallel Bar are a drafting instrument used by navigators to draw parallel lines on chart. The tools consists of two straight edges joined by two arms which allo them to move closer or further away while always remaining parallel to each other. Parallel ruler is used to determine the direction of a course plotted on a chart. The ruler is walked from the course line to the nearest compass rose. The course heading can then be determined.


  • Made from 3.0 mm virgin transparent acrylic sheet.

  • Provided with inking groove.

  • Integrated Protector.

  • Precision 0.5 degree scale.

  • Simply tighten screw to look into position.

  • Beveled edges.

  • With and without engraving number and marking.

  • It is individually packed in canvas cover.