Adjustable Set Square

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Code ASS1001 ASS1002 ASS1003 ASS1004 ASS1005
Size 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm 350 mm


Adjustable Set Square (45o) is a versatile tool.Although it is a 45o Set Square,one side of the triangle is adjustable, so it is combines the function of set squares and a protractor.It can be adjusted and set to any angle between 0o and 90o.


  • Made from 3.0 mm virgin transparent acrylic sheet.

  • Provided with inking groove.

  • Integrated Protector.

  • Precision 0.5 degree scale.

  • Simply tighten screw to look into position.

  • Beveled edges.

  • With and without engraving number and marking.

  • It is individually packed in canvas cover.